Who We Are

Saw a Need and Met It

For the last 125 years, the story of Catholic Charities of Dallas has been about seeing a need in the community and then going above and beyond to meet that need – again and again. Following the teachings and example of our faith, we are driven as individuals and as an organization to be forces for good in our community. Giving people hope is why we exist.


Passion for the Vulnerable

Before Catholic Charities of Dallas was ever formally established, the agencies that formed the heart of our organization were focused on the most vulnerable members of our community. From the Diocesan Orphanage started in 1891 and the Marillac Clinic and Social Center in 1921, to the Brady Center in 1982 and the San Felipe Food Distribution Center in 2013, the stories are remarkably similar. We saw a need in the community and passionately pursued a solution to meet that need. We recognized a marginalized group and worked to empower them. We acknowledged another’s pain and did everything in their power to soothe it.

Collectively, we saw a need and met it. We offered hope to the hopeless.

This is who we are. From homelessness to hunger, from victims of abuse to refugees of war and oppression, from the hurting to the lost, Catholic Charities of Dallas meets the needs of our community. It’s why we exist. It’s what motivates us. It’s who we are.


If it’s who you are, too, then we want to talk to you. We want to work with you. We want to serve our city alongside you. Together we can make a difference in countless lives across North Texas. Find out how you can meet the needs of the most vulnerable.