Angels of Charity Leadership

Advisory Board Members 2019-2020

President - Marguerite Marz

Vice President - Kathy Bedard

Secretary - Cindy Herbert

Parliamentarian - Patty Bellinger

Angels in Action Volunteer Liaison - Jean Fuchs

Membership - Catherine Foxworth

Bishop’s Gala - Joanie Stephens & Jackie Costanza

Hope for the Holidays - Carol Ann Davis, Beth Ann Huber, Sheila Patrick

Hope for the Holidays Hostess - Jackson Walker

A Time for Giving (formerly, Catholic Charities Sunday) - Camille Fournier

Christmas Distribution - Cathy Leigh & Laura Huehn

Spiritual Enrichment - Lillian Curran

Prayer Intentions - Thomica Evans

Annual Angel’s Luncheon - Andy Walsh & Cindy Highlander

Social Media - Beth Shallcross

YCP Liaison -

Archangel’s President - David Martinez

Angel Liaison for Archangel’s Board - Megan Martinez

Mission Area Liaisons:

Children, Family and Senior Services
- Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption – Kathy Bedard

- Brady Senior Services at Marillac Center – Norma Hunter

- St. Jude Center- Gretchen Bowen

Immigration Legal Services - Lucy Panza & Susan Hurley

Hunger, Donations and Distribution Services - Lisa Gatlin

Parish & Volunteer Services - Jean Fuchs

Disaster Preparedness Services - Carla Lyden

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