Angels of Charity Leadership

Advisory Board Members 2016-2017

Laura Curran, Board President 

Patty Bellinger, Vice President

Thomica James-Evans, Secretary

Lindsey O’Sullivan, Parlimentarian

Carmen Coleman, Membership Committee Chair

Patty Bellinger, Bishop's Gala

Jackie Costanza, Hope for the Holidays Chair 

Andy WalshHope for the Holidays Hostess

Marguerite Marz & Polly Bireley, Christmas Distribution Project Chair

Anna Quigley, Spiritual Enrichment

Kathy Sears, Prayer Intentions

Sally Cook, Newsletter Editor/Public Relations

Kathy Bedard, Children, Family & Senior Services

Lucy Panza, Immigration & Legal Services Liaison 

Dianne Doyle & Suzy Collins, Refugee Services Liaison 

Julie Crowley, Financial Stability & Career Services Liaison

Lisa Gatlin, Hunger, Donations & Distribution Services

Gretchen Bowen, Disaster Preparedness Services

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