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The Angels of Charity women’s auxiliary improves the lives of others in their community through volunteerism and support, serving the mission and clients of Catholic Charities Dallas. Get involved today and join this strong network of women with generous hearts.

Since its formation in 2001, the Angels of Charity has grown to over 800 members from many different parishes throughout the Dallas and surrounding areas.


Much like the mission of Catholic Charities Dallas, we welcome a diverse group of women to serve and support the growing needs in our community.  All women are welcome to join. Each year, Angel members share their time and talents to serve the programs of Catholic Charities Dallas. There is no annual membership fee to join, and participation level is up to the individual.

Angels Happenings

Read the Fall 2016 Heavenly Messenger Newsletter to learn more about what the Angels of Charity have accomplished so far this year and exciting news about upcoming events and more!
Fall 2016 Heavenly Messenger Newsletter

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Angels of Charity |  Leadership

Advisory Board Members 2016-2017

Laura Curran, Board President 

Lindsey O’Sullivan, Past President, Advisor

Thomica James-Evans, Secretary

Carmen Coleman, Membership Committee Chair

Dianne Doyle & Suzy Collins, Refugee Services Liaison 

Lucy Panza, Immigration & Legal Services Liaison 

Kathy Bedard, Financial Stability & Career Services Liaison

Sally Cook, Newsletter Editor/Public Relations

Jackie Costanza, Hope for the Holidays Chair 

Patty Bellinger, Angels Spring Luncheon Chair 

Marguerite Marz, Christmas Distribution Project Chair

Kathy Sears, Prayer Intentions

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