Safe Environment Training

As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of minors and vulnerable adults as they participate in activities within or sponsored by our Diocese. It is our responsibility and commitment to provide an environment which is safe and nurturing.

In order to achieve the above, the diocese has a Safe Environment Program that implements training, screening, background checks and other procedures that are designed to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Every parish, school and Diocesan agency has the program and each is responsible for program implementation and continuation.

Mission Statement of the Safe Environment Program in the Diocese of Dallas



Training Materials

  • As you watch the video, please answer the questions below concerning key pieces of information. Your answers will be submitted to our Volunteer Coordinator to ensure completion of Safe Environment Training and will serve as your Certificate of Completion. Type answers into the blanks.
  • 1. "We have the power to create a safe place for children, youth, and ____________________ from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse."
  • 2. "We have to realize that people who want to abuse children are going to be _________________________."
  • 3. The five key elements of the Safe Environment process are screening, training, supervision,______________, and reporting.
  • 4. "One of the best ways to keep children safe from abuse and adults safe from possible accusations of misconduct is to make sure that every class and every program is well-supervised.” How many adults should be present in events involving vulnerable individuals?
  • 5. If you suspect that a child or vulnerable adult may be abused, to whom should you report it?
  • Acknowledgement

    • I have participated in the Safe Environment Training Program for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas through Catholic Charities of Dallas.
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to become and remain familiar with and to adhere to the guidelines and procedures contained in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program.
    • I have received a copy of the Safe Environment Program including the Ministerial Code of Conduct for the Diocese of Dallas. I have also received a copy of the Sexual Misconduct Policy. I understand it is my responsibility to become familiar with and adhere to the policies and procedures contained therein.
    • The Diocese reserves the right to make changes in the content or application of this booklet and to implement those changes with or without notice.
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