Volunteers Over 18

Step 1: Create and complete a profile on Volunteer Hub.

Step 2: Complete Safe Environment video training online.

Step 3: Send this Referral Form to three people (and let them know it takes less than 2 minutes to complete).

Full link for you to copy and paste in an email to your chosen references: https://ccdallas.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-reference-form/.

Step 4: Once the above steps are completed and your references have sent in their referral forms, you will be asked to authorize a background check on VolunteerHub.

Step 5: Once your background check is completed, you will be contacted to schedule your interview with a CCD representative. This can take place in person or on the phone.

Step 6: Volunteer! We look forward to welcoming you to the CCD community in a way that matches your talents and abilities with the needs of our agency.

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