Volunteers Under 18

Step 1: Create a profile on VolunteerHub

Step 2: Fill out the Minor Volunteer form with your parent or guardian present. The form can be either filled out below, or downloaded, printed, then scanned in to volunteer@ccdallas.org for processing.

Step 3: Have your parent or guardian fill out this photo release form. The form can be either filled out below, or downloaded, printed, then scanned in to volunteer@ccdallas.org for processing.

Be aware that not all volunteer opportunities are available to those under the age of 18, and that certain jobs require volunteers under the age of 18 to be accompanied with a parent or guardian for the duration of the volunteer project. Please contact Lacy de la Garza at ldelagarza@ccdallas.org or 469-801-8134 with any specific questions about volunteer opportunities for minors.

Volunteer Application for Minors

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • In case of emergency, please contact:
  • Community Service, Court Appointed, other? Please describe.
  • Please tell us about other volunteer experience you may have: where, how long and what you did?
  • Code of Conduct Agreement

  • All persons under AGE 18 that are interested in volunteering for any program at Catholic Charities of Dallas must complete this form, have it signed by a parent, return it to the Volunteer Coordinator, and attend a volunteer orientation before they are eligible to serve.

    If you do NOT print and/or sign this form legibly, it will be discarded, and considered as not having been completed.

    Youth Code of Conduct

    • If accepted as a Catholic Charities of Dallas volunteer, I’m required to abide by the terms stated below. My signature indicates that I understand and agree to the following terms.
    • I agree to treat other volunteers, leaders, and employees with respect. I understand that all adult leaders have the authority to provide instructions.
    • I will always follow the schedule and guidelines given to me.
    • I understand that alcohol, weapons, fireworks, tobacco products of any kind, illegal drugs, and profane or abusive language are NOT allowed.
    • I agree to behave in a professional, respectful, and positive manner at all times. I further agree to dress appropriately – NO short-shorts, halter/tank tops, or torn clothing.
    • Use of cell phones, digital cameras, i-pods, computers, or any other technology in any way that is offensive or inappropriate (including photographs, surfing inappropriate websites, displaying and/or sharing inappropriate pictures, videos or music, etc.) is prohibited at all times and in all cases.
    • Sexual indiscretion (including inappropriate touching, language, jokes, etc.) is prohibited at all times and in all cases.
    • No volunteer is allowed to leave without permission of the volunteer coordinator/program director.
    • In the event of an emergency or other need to contact the volunteer, employees must know where I am; therefore I agree to stay on the premises and with at least one other person at all times.
    • I understand that I may be volunteering with children and/or vulnerable adults and I agree to take all duties I am assigned seriously and responsibly, especially whenever a child’s or vulnerable adult’s safety is concerned.
    • I understand that if I fail to adhere to any part of this “Code of Conduct” I run the risk of having my parents notified by phone or in person, and I run the risk that I will be sent home if I refuse to follow the guidelines.

    I have read, agree with, and will adhere to the “Code of Conduct” described above.

  • Parental Consent/Liability Waiver

  • (A criminal conviction will not necessarily disqualify him/her from consideration.)
    • I understand that with minor children (14 and 15 years old), a screened and trained parent or guardian must accompany the child at all times.
    • I hereby consent to allow my child (16 or 17 years old) to volunteer for Catholic Charities ofDallas.
    • I understand that a criminal background check is required for all court appointed service applicants.
    • I understand the responsibilities of volunteering and acknowledge that my child’s participation shall be within the agreed upon hours per day/per week.
    • I also understand that because my child’s participation in the described activities is on a voluntary basis, no employment relationship exists between my child and Catholic Charities of Dallas. I further agree to hold harmless Catholic Charities of Dallas in regard to any injury sustained by my child during the time he/she is engaged in voluntary activities.
    • The information that my child has provided may be verified, if necessary, by contacting any persons ororganizations named on this application.
  • I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless and blameless Catholic Charities of Dallas, its associates or officers from any and all liability from damages, loss or injuries, either to person or property, which the said minor may sustain while engaged in any volunteer activity conducted by or in connection with the Catholic Charities of Dallas. I further certify that I have legal custody by reason of the fact that I am the parent or the legal guardian by court order. I hereby represent that the said minor is physically able to participate in the volunteer activity set forth herein.

    I agree that in case of injury or illness or other circumstances requiring parental permission for medical care, Catholic Charities’ Employees shall have the authority to obtain medically necessary care at my expense and to review medical records of the minor, in case we cannot be reached after reasonable efforts have been made. I further understand that in case of injury, serious illness, or in extreme cases of disciplinary action, Catholic Charities of Dallas will, if need be, send home my son/daughter by the first available transportation at my own expense.

  • The information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    I hereby authorize my child named on this form to be a volunteer for Catholic Charities Dallas in Dallas, Texas. I understand that reasonable precautions will be taken to keep my child safe. I will not Catholic Charities of Dallas and members of its staff or its volunteers responsible for accidental harm or injury that may occur during any volunteer activity.

Media/Photo Release for Minors

  • Public Relations Information/Picture & Confidentiality Policies:

    • I give permission and authorize Catholic Charities of Dallas (CCD) to use and reproduce my name and photographs of me for media purposes, to include publication and advertising of every description.
    • If I choose not give permission and authorization, I further understand that it is solely the responsibility of the individual volunteer, not the staff of CCD, to remove him/herself from the area in which photo/video is being taken.
    • It is the policy of CCD that volunteers may not disclose, divulge or make accessible confidential information belonging to, or obtained through their volunteer affiliation with CCD.
    • By signing this form, you are certifying that you do not have a criminal background, and that you are aware that such information would deter you from participation in this special volunteer project.
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