Pregnancy & Adoption

• Guide women with unplanned pregnancies through making healthy choices

• Offer educational parenting resources and assistance

• Provide services to help facilitate adoption for birth mothers and adoptive families

Pregnancy & Adoption Services has been a well-respected licensed child placing agency since 1985.

Our Pregnancy and Adoption Services staff believes in a child-centered approach by building healthy families, strengthening parenting and promoting openness in adoption.

Our staff provides experienced counselors to assist pregnancy clients to explore their pro-life options and provide information and resources to make informed decisions.

In addition to assistance to expectant women, the program provides 40+ years of child-placing experience to waiting adoptive families.

Adoption | The Infant Adoption Program serves couples wanting to adopt a child from ages newborn to six months. This program practices open adoption and children are placed voluntarily by their birth parents.

Our Finally Home Adoption Program, launched in 2005, places children ages three and older who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect with loving families through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Some of these children have medical needs or are large sibling groups.

Pregnancy | Our experienced Pregnancy Services staff will assess the situation of any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, and help explore the options and determine how we can help. Our pregnancy services are free of charge.

Parenting | The Parenting Services Program offers information and counseling in areas such as: budgeting, one-on-one support to prepare for childbirth and infant care, parenting classes, relationship building, resources for child support, child care, and legal rights and responsibilities.

Adoption Services:

Call to schedule an appointment
214.526.2772 phone
214.224.0809 fax

Unplanned Pregnancy:

Find help 24/7 at 1-800-BABY-DUE

On Call 24/7:


David + Sabina’s Story

“The birth mothers that are out there looking to give their children a better life are a blessing to people who are struggling to be parents.” David said.


Locations For Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services

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