Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services

Disaster Preparedness and Relief Services is an holistic program designed to address the immediate and long-term needs of victims of natural disasters.  Trained Case Managers provide relief in the form of financial and material assistance, in developing recovery plans, and help finding temporary housing.

The heart of this program lies in Long Term Case Management, in which clients receive one-on-one assistance in navigating the complexities of insurance matters, working with builders and contractors, and other areas that help them rebuild. We work closely with the Catholic Charities USA, the City of Dallas, the Society of Vincent de Paul, and with other community partners to determine the availability of resources and programs to best help clients start a new chapter in their lives.

Disaster Preparedness and Relief Services trains volunteers and partners throughout the Diocese of Dallas to be adequately prepared prior to a disaster occurring by developing emergency response plans and having resources on hand at their sites.  In the last 2 years,  Disaster Preparedness and Relief Services managed the tornado relief efforts for the storms that struck the Rowlett and Garland area, and also in Van Zandt County and the city of Canton.

In order to receive benefits from this service, you must be registered in the program.

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