Financial Stability & Career Services


Financial Stability and Career Services approaches client services in an entirely new way, inviting clients to share their full story, addressing not only their immediate needs, but also assisting in developing long term goals and aspirations.

Through a combination of financial education coursework, career development and training, asset development, employment counseling, and one-on-one personal consultations, this program treats clients as ‘creative, resourceful, and whole’, taking what can be very difficult personal circumstances and forging a rewarding and fulfilling future for themselves and their families.

We use the Working Family Success Model as the platform for our program, which encompasses the integrated services of financial coaching, employment services, and income supports such as food and financial assistance. From the first encounter with the client, we level the playing field and put them in the driver’s seat, and together help them to begin a new chapter in their life. Rather than solving problems as our goal, we now seek to change lives.

Financial Coaching & Education | Our Financial Coaches work directly with clients to improve their financial situations, create realistic spending plans, reduce debt, and improve their credit.  Our coaches offer classes and sessions regarding budgeting and savings, credit repair, interviewing skills, and purchasing a home.

Employment Services | Our employment services prepare job seekers for success in the workplace through assessing skills and talents, understanding the client’s financial and career goals, training and interviewing etiquette, and connecting them with employers. The goal is to make sure the clients find permanent, full time jobs with livable wages that promote and sustain financial stability.

One of the principle pathways to earning higher-paying jobs is through the acquisition of job skills and certifications. Our team assesses clients for training programs that fit their schedule, income needs and personal goals, and helps them steer through the application and financial aid process. FSCS provides access to countless training programs, many of which are linked in partnership with the Dallas County Community College District.  Along with financial assistance to subsidize income, childcare, and transportation, we provide guidance and support every step of the way while the client is engaged in job skills training.

Income Supports | In order to supplement income for families while they are going through our program, we provide clients with nutritionally balanced meals from our food pantries, and provide access to benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, and WIC assistance.  We are also able to provide direct assistance for a portion of the cost of training, instructional materials, transportation, and childcare. Funds are dispersed on a case-by-case basis and are dependent upon available resources. Furthermore, Coaches can assist clients with their rent and utility bills as needed.

HUD Counseling | Our team of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Counselors offer 1:1 coaching and workshops related to first time home buyers, pre and post purchase housing counseling, and foreclosure prevention counseling. No matter where you are in the home ownership pathway, we are eager to assist.

For financial coaching, employment assistance, housing counseling, or food assistance, please contact Financial Stability and Career Services at 972.246.6035


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