Financial Coaching & Education

Smart Goals

Looking to gain control of your money? Repairing your credit? Need help with personal finances? No matter what your dream, the Financial Coaches at Catholic Charities of Dallas are here for you. We offer group education and 1-to-1 coaching, and are flexible with your schedule.  We’ll be with you, every step of the way.

Financial Coaching is for anyone looking to improve their financial situation in whatever way they feel will add to their quality of life. You set your own goals based on what you’re passionate about, what excites you, or the dreams you hope to achieve.  We provide you with the tools to create household budgets, save money over time, reduce debt, improve credit scores, and build wealth.

To schedule an appointment with a Financial Coach, please contact 972.246.6021.

Due to a limited amount of funding, we are unable to assist every request.  Please refer to our qualifications on the application and view the list of agencies that may be able to assist.

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