St. Jude Center – Senior Housing For The Homeless

Catholic Charities (CCD) in collaboration with the Catholic Housing Initiative (CHI) will address, through the St. Jude Center, the complex problem of homelessness by helping members of our community gain a sense of security, increased well-being, and self-respect.

There is a need for permanent supportive housing for the homeless men and women ages 55 and older residing in Dallas and through the collaboration of CCD and CHI, they have acquired and will operate more than 100 studio apartments to meet some of this ever-growing need in Dallas.  Together, the organizations have secured a property in Northwest Dallas and the property is centrally located to shops, health services, recreation, and excellent DART bus services and access to the DART rail.  Upon completion of renovations, CCD will manage the property and oversee service providers.

Both CCD and CHI are charitable, mission-driven and reflexively view the project as worth doing simply as a moral imperative.  Equally important, though, are many benefits to the community.  Most important is the opportunity to restore dignity and independence for the residents of St. Jude.  Using a “housing first” model coupled with wrap-around social services has been proven to create a better outcome of success for minimizing homelessness.  In addition, police and public health costs are diminished when people are placed in permanent supportive housing.

St. Jude Center will provide housing with wrap-around social services including moderate to intensive case management to more than 100 homeless seniors in Dallas.  We believe this comprehensive and collaborative approach is the most effective and cost-efficient manner to help address the growing challenge of serving the homeless population in Dallas.  A collaborative network including City Square, Metrocare, Veterans Administration Supportive Housing will provide onsite supportive services.  Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance will guide the project start-up as well as to identify the men and women to be the initial residents.

CCD’s case managers will oversee the care coordination for the residents and provide resources and referrals utilizing our partner agencies to deliver mental health counseling, housing transition assistance, benefits counseling, recovery groups to name a few.  For many of the residents, securing employment is a step towards housing stability and through CCD’s Financial Stability and Career Services, we will offer workforce training and financial education to all residents.  With the intensive one-on-one coaching provided by the program, we expect that some if not many of the residents will return to the workforce and be self-sufficient within two years.

Working hand-and-hand with the social services’ arm of Dallas, we can help the homeless seniors find a way off of the streets and into a permanent home where they can receive the services they most desperately need.


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