Together We Learn

Contact Information

TWL – Bachman Lake
9507 Overlake Drive
Dallas, TX  75220

TWL – Santa Clara
321 Calumet
Dallas, TX  75211

TWL – Bachman Lake
Hours: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Monday – Friday

TWL – Santa Clara
Hours: 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM & 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Monday – Friday


The Together We Learn Program seeks to provide families with a quality early childhood program in a safe, nurturing environment. We strive to give each child the opportunity to grow and develop socially, physically, and cognitively in a stimulating & caring place.

Our Program

Together We Learn is a dual generation program for children under the age of five and their parent or caregiver. The children participate in a high-quality early education while their parents participate in four modules: child development, health and safety, advocacy, and Work Ready! (ESL, GED, job skills training and placement). These programs help develop skills to secure jobs while providing the ability to ensure their economic stability.

Together We Learn presents a powerful family centered approach to ensure success in school for the children and empower parents for school advocacy and the workforce.

Program Plan

Early Childhood Education | Preschool classes equip, encourage, and support children’s success in school through mastery of skills in language and communication, reading, writing, math, science, fine arts, technology and social/emotional development. Experienced, professionally trained teachers lead activities that include integrated learning through Circle Time, Center Time, dramatic play, art projects, music, small group activities, and sensory play.

Adult Education | Parent classes and activities are focused on English-language readiness and school advocacy. Parents learn communication and language skills including ESL, GED and basic reading and writing. Parent enrichment classes are offered to empower the parent to be their child’s first teacher and advocate for their child throughout the academic journey.

Together We Learn
(Bachman Lake)
Fall 2015- Spring 2016
Together We Learn
(Santa Clara)
Fall 2015- Spring 2016
To enroll at Bachman Lake:
Contact Stephanie Cisneros
(214) 662-2283
To enroll at Santa Clara:
Contact: Ana Schaller
(214) 638-1635
*Enrollment requirements include: proof of address (Zip code restriction of 75220 for Walnut Hill location only) and a current vaccine chart for each child. Call for more details.

Carolina’s story

“The ESL teachers boosted my self-confidence and gave me the tools necessary to enter the workforce, which in turn has helped my family financially.”