Financial Stability & Career Services


Financial Stability and Career Services approaches client services in an entirely new way, inviting clients to share their full story, addressing not only their immediate needs, but also assisting in developing long term goals and aspirations.

Through a combination of financial education coursework, career development and training, asset development, employment counseling, and one-on-one personal consultations, this program treats clients as ‘creative, resourceful, and whole’, taking what can be very difficult personal circumstances and forging a rewarding and fulfilling future for themselves and their families.

Gone are the days of addressing one particular pressing need only, as we now meet the person, learn their story and their hopes, and hand-in-hand help them to begin a new chapter in their life. Rather than solving problems as our goal, we now seek to change lives.

Financial Coaching & Education | Our Financial Coaches work directly with clients to improve their financial situations, create realistic spending plans, reduce debt, and improve their credit.  Our coaches offer classes and sessions regarding budgeting and savings, credit repair, interviewing skills, and purchasing a home.

Employment Services | Our Employment Services offer assistance by providing job market counseling and helping people define their career goals.

Food Assistance | Our Food Program is one of the first steps our agency takes to fight poverty by alleviating hunger.

For financial coaching, employment assistance, housing counseling, or food assistance, please contact Financial Stability & Career Services at

In Recent News… 

As a result of Catholic Charities and the City of Dallas’s partnership in West Dallas, we are hosting a Housing Fair on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Housing Fair is for residents facing involuntary housing changes in the next 90 days. Please bring your ID and pay stubs from the last two months to answer your questions about your housing options. Click here for more details.

Catholic Charities partnered with the City of Dallas to assist residents living in low-rent properties in west and southern Dallas.  Our caseworkers are conducting face-to-face surveys with these residents in order to assess their personal current household and financial needs. The survey is also available below, and the information gathered will be used to provide immediate support and develop long-term solutions for the residents.

English survey:

Spanish survey:

Residents were notified by letter that caseworkers are canvasing the neighborhood to collect data from each resident living in about 225 homes.

View the letter here:

For more information, visit