Be the hope.

Time for giving.

MAY 12 - 19

Each year, we take just one weekend to celebrate the hope and joy that Catholic Charities Dallas, (CCD) brings to people of all faiths, ages, and backgrounds. Here in the Diocese of Dallas, Catholic Charities answers the call to be Christ’s hands, feet, and smile to people living on the margins. This May 18th and 19th, I ask that you, too, answer the call by inspiring and encouraging your parishioners to give generously in support of Catholic Charities’ Time for Giving – Second Collection. Supporting Catholic Charities in its mission to serve the least fortunate of our Diocese is our collective mission as faithful Catholics.

Excerpt taken from Bishop Burns’ letter to parish priests, April 2019

For over 127 years, the doors to Catholic Charities Dallas have been open to the innocent, the hungry, the homeless, the disadvantaged and the suffering. Through your support and generosity last year, CCD served over 35,000 individuals right here in our community.

As missionary disciples, we walk with others on their journey – no matter their struggles, no matter how different they are from us, no matter their beliefs. As we walk together, we can make a real difference in the life of someone who is struggling in poverty, facing homelessness, or living in isolation. Together with God’s grace, we can walk people from despair to dignity.

Time for Giving is an invitation for every Catholic in the Diocese of Dallas to unite and respond with joy and gratitude for the gifts God has given, and to reach out in love to those who are less fortunate. Today, I am asking you to open your hands and hearts to embrace the poor, just as Jesus did. Please prayerfully consider making a generous contribution to Catholic Charities Dallas. Thank you for your support and commitment to helping those less fortunate.

Stories of Hope

Pregnancy and Adoption Program

Sarah is a young mother who recently had her two-year old daughter removed from her care. She was struggling with dependency and feeling hopeless. She desperately wanted to get her daughter back but fulfilling all of the requirements was proving to be more than she could handle. As overwhelmed as Sarah felt, there was more. She found out she was pregnant again. Sarah’s situation was desperate, and she had no one to turn to for help. Sooner than expected, Sarah gave birth to a precious baby boy. She knew in her heart that that if she made an adoption plan for her little boy, he could have the life he deserved with a family who was prepared to raise him. From the hospital bed, Sarah called Catholic Charities Dallas and asked to please help her place her baby in a good, loving and caring home. Catholic Charities Dallas did just that and his adoptive family is providing the home and life every child deserves. Sarah continues to receive support from Catholic Charities Dallas as she works to get her life together and her daughter back. In choosing to give her son in adoption, Sarah found hope-  hope for a better life for both of her children and herself.

St. Jude Center Resident

Miss Vertie is one of over 35,000 clients that Catholic Charities serves every year. Miss Vertie is a resident at St. Jude Center which is permanent supportive housing for homeless seniors – ages 55 and up. Miss Vertie comes from a large family in east Texas. She and her husband have 3 grown children and one child with special needs who lives at home. Miss Vertie struggled with alcohol dependency and eventually left her home. She felt desperate and alone and angry. She worked at the local mall and lived out of her car for several months. She continued to struggle with alcohol and eventually lost her job and car. She lost everything – her family, her home, her job, her dignity. She found her way to a shelter and lived there. She got clean and found hope when Catholic Charities Dallas offered her a room at St. Jude Center. Today, Miss Vertie has a job working the front desk at St. Jude Center. She loves greeting visitors and residents and feels that it is her job to pay it forward.

Together We Learn Program Recipient

Maria is one of over 35,000 clients that Catholic Charities serves every year. Maria was born in Mexico and came to the United States with her husband, Leo. Maria recognized that not being able to understand or speak English put her and her growing family at a disadvantage. She did not understand her children’s teachers, school nurses or the school principal. Maria depended on her children to translate for her and her husband. Maria felt frustrated and isolated because she did not understand any of the conversations around her and could not help her children with their homework. Maria heard about the Together We Learn program in West Dallas and enrolled with her 3-year old daughter, Victoria. As Maria advanced through the English Language program, Victoria was making good progress in the Early Childhood program. Together We Learn not only helped Maria and Victoria understand and speak English, it also created an opportunity for bettering their entire family. Today, Victoria is a happy kindergartener who was given a strong foundation for success and Maria is improving her English skills every day as she interacts with her children’s teachers and staff. But Maria didn’t stop there. Thanks to the support and education Maria received from Catholic Charities, Maria has started her own cleaning business. She uses her English skills to communicate with her clients and reads books on how to improve her business. Now, Maria has hope for a promising future for her children and a productive business for herself and her family.

Jan Pruitt Community Pantry Program Recipient

Angela is one of over 35,000 clients that Catholic Charities Dallas serves every year. She moved from New Jersey in the summer of 2018 to Lancaster, Texas to escape a violent marriage. She had no friends or family and left her job making over $50,000 a year. She found herself in a desperate situation – a single mother with two children and no hope for the future. She found Jan Pruitt Community Food Pantry and went inside. Angela said that it was difficult to ask for help. She felt nervous and embarrassed that she was in need. The staff and volunteers at Jan Pruitt greeted Angela with smiles and acceptance. At Jan Pruitt Community Food Pantry, Angela found hope. Today, Angela continues to struggle financially, but she knows that her children will not go to bed hungry at night because of the food she receives twice a month from Jan Pruitt. Catholic Charities works every day to create hope in the lives of thousands. Please respond generously from your heart to help create hope for people like Angela.

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